Dubai Tourist Visa 30/60 Days


Personal Documents:

  • Scan copy of Bio page of current passport and all old passports and also scan copy of visa pages (Current passport minimum validity for 06 months until the planned date of return).
  • Scan copy of minimum 03 Country visits visa stickers except for SAARC Country and E-visa.
  • One recent color passport-size photograph with white background, no cap, and no sun Applicant’s ear must be visible in his/her photo.
  • 01 Visiting card.


Visa Fee & Service Charge:

Option 1:
Stay permit 30 days (Single Entry) Visa validity 60 days:

Dubai tourist Visa fee includes a service charge (With Insurance).
For Male            Tk. 17,500
For Female            Tk. 17,500
For Child (below 12 years)    Tk. 6,500

Option 2:
Stay permit 60 days (Single Entry) Visa validity 60 days:

Dubai tourist Visa fee includes a service charge (With Insurance).
For Male            Tk. 24,500
For Female         Tk. 24,500
For Child            Tk. 8,500


Option 3:
Stay permit 60 days (Multiple Entry) Visa validity 60 days:

Dubai tourist Visa fee includes a service charge (With Insurance).
For Male/Female/Child            Tk. 38,000


Processing Time:

  • Tourist visa: Total 03-07 Working Days (File processing + Embassy).


NOTE: For Official Passport Holders need to Apply short time/Transit visa application in United Arab Emirates UAE Embassy-Dhaka with valid Government order(GO).


Dubai Tourist Visa 05 years MultipleU8

Personal Documents:


  • Clear Passport all page Copy
  • 02 copy picture white background 
  • Visiting Card
  • Bank Statement For The Last 6 Months With Balance (Usd 4000) It's Equivalent In Foreign Currencies  
  • Months Coverage Travel Insurance Copy (We Provide)
  • Need All Documents Clear Scan Copy
  • Full Mailing Address


Visa Fee & Service Charge:

  • Visa Cost: BDT 1,45000 (One lac Fifty Thousand TK only)  including security deposit.
  • Refund: A security Deposit of 3025 Dirham ( BDT 90750 only) will be refunded from Dubai Immigration after the visa expiry within 05-07 working days from the date of  Apply.
  • Payment: Full Advance Payment (If Reject Payment will be deducted BDT 15000 by Dubai Immigration rest of the amount will be refunded within 05-07 working days).


Processing Time, Types & Conditions: 

Visa Type: Multiple-Entry - Long-Term Tourism (5 Years). (E-Visa)
Processing Time: 10-15 Working Days.
Duration Of Stay: 90 Days (Per year).
Activities: Can Visit All-City.


Attention: For overstaying, you will have to pay a fine of Tk. 80,000.




Dubai Resident Visa 
(Visa validity and stay time for 03 years)


Visa Requirements:

  • Scan copy of Bio page of current passport and all old passports (Current passport minimum validity for 06 months until the planned date of return).
  • Two recent color passport-size photographs with white background, no cap, and no sun Applicant’s ear must be visible in his/her photo.


Visa Fee :

  • Visa fee including a service charge Tk. 2,30000


Processing Time:

  • Minimum 08-10 Working days (After applying from Dubai).

Note: File processing for the visa will start from Dubai, you need to go to Dubai by using a Tourist visa and stay a minimum of 08-10 working days by own expenses.



Dubai Transit Visa 
(validity for 96 hours)



Visa Requirements:

  • Scan copy of Bio page of current passport and all old passports (Current passport minimum validity for 06 months until the planned date of return).
  • Scan copy of visa pages.
  • Third country's valid visa scan copy.
  • Confirmed air tickets of Emirates Airlines.
  • Two recent color photographs (passport size) with a white background.
  • 02 Visiting card.
  • Forwarding letter on Company Pad.

Note: For Applying individuals Applicants are not allowed to age below 40 years if applying with a Family or Have a valid/used 1st world Country visa will be a consideration. 


Visa Fee :

  • Visa fee including a service charge of Tk. 8,000.


Processing Time:

  • Minimum 05-07 Working days.




  • obokash.com provides only consultancy services and doesn’t provide any guarantee for visas.
  • File processing for the visa will start only after receiving all necessary documents.
  • Processing time, requirements, and fees are subject to change by the Embassy without any prior notice.
  • The embassy reserves all the rights to ask for any additional documents.
  • All Bangla documents must be translated into English and attested.
  • If there is any emergency modification needed you to have to pay 4000/-Tk  for Tourists.
  • If there is any emergency visa cancellation you have to pay  4000/-Tk. for Tourist.
  • We are not Responsible for any Overstay Penalties.
  • For overstay, you have to pay 80,000/-Tk.



Call: +88 01996-319999, +88 01945-111444, +880-9696-311444 
Email : [email protected], [email protected]



The United Arab Emirates, sometimes simply called the Emirates or the UAE, is a federal absolute monarchy in Western Asia at the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf, bordering Oman to the east and Saudi Arabia to the south, as well as sharing maritime borders with Qatar to the west and Iran to the north.


Continent: Asia
Capital:Abu Dhabi
Official Language: Arabic
Currency:United Arab Emirates dirham (AED)
Local Time:GMT +4
Exchange Rate:21.9708 BDT
Dialing Code:+971
Weekend Days:Friday
Population:5.9 million
Area:83,600 km²
Climate:Dubai has a tropical desert climate, köppen classification Bwh, because of its location within the Northern desert belt. Summers are extremely hot and humid,[1] with an average high around 41 °C (106 °F) and overnight lows around 30 °C (86 °F). The highest recorded temperature in Dubai is 55 °C (131 °F) in 2002.[2] Most days are sunny throughout the year. Winters are warm and short with an average high of 23 °C (73 °F) and overnight lows of 14 °C (57 °F). Precipitation, however, has been increasing in the last few decades with accumulated rain reaching 150 mm (5.91 in) per year.[3] The weather in Dubai can bring short and irregular rainfall as is typical for the Middle East. Most of the rainfall occurs in the December to March period. The weather between December and March remains warm and is considered to be the most comfortable climatic conditions of the year
Prime Minister / President / King:Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Destinations:Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Hajar Mountains, Sharjah Arts Museum, Jebel Hafeet, Bastakia, The Desert, Beaches, Dubai Creek Dhow Ride, Al-Bidyah Mosque, Souks, Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation
Points of Interest:Observation Deck at 300 (Abu Dhabi), The Walk At JBR (Dubai), The Corniche (Abu Dhabi), Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (Dubai), Al Majaz Waterfront (Sharjah), Jumeirah Mosque (Dubai), Etihad Towers (Abu Dhabi), Palm Jumeirah (Dubai), Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (Abu Dhabi), Pier 7 (Dubai), Jumeirah Lake Towers (Dubai), Aldar HQ Building (Abu Dhabi), Dubai Butterfly Garden (Dubai), Meena Bazaar (Dubai), Ajman Beach (Ajman), Qasr Al Hosn (Abu Dhabi), World Trade Centre (Dubai), Al Ain Oasis (Al Ain), Fujairah Historic Fort (Fujairah), Nation Towers (Abu Dhabi), King Faisal Mosque (Sharjah), Dhayah Fort (Ras Al Khaimah), Quran Roundabout (Sharjah), Souk Al Arsah (Sharjah), American University of Sharjah (Sharjah), Fortress Al Jazeera Al Hamra (Ras Al Khaimah), Al Bithnah Fort (Fujairah), Al Maqtaa Fort (Abu Dhabi), Shiva Temple (Dubai), The World (Dubai)

* Ques: How many countries should I visit before applying for this country ?

Ans: Although there is no restrictions regarding country visits but we recommend you to at least visit 2-3 countries before applying.


* Ques: How much balance should I have in my bank account?

Ans: Do not require Bank statement and Bank solvency. 


* Ques: My education qualification is low, can I apply for visa?

Ans: In case of tourist visas, there is not education qualification requirement. Anyone with any educational qualification may apply.


* Ques: My visa application has recently been refused. When will I be able to apply again?

Ans: There is no restriction or time limit on reapplication if anyone’s visa has been refused. However, we would recommend you to apply again at least after a certain period of time.


* Ques: Can you arrange invitation for me? Will it be beneficial for me if I get an invitation?

Ans: Not needed.


* Ques: If I apply along with my family, will the chances of my visa acceptance increase?

Ans: Although visa acceptance or refusal totally depends on applicant’s profile, applying with family may increase your chances in certain countries. For example: in case of Schengen or UK visa, applying along with family increases your visa acceptance chances. On the other hand, applying with family for Australia or Canada may decrease your chance of getting the visa.


* Ques: Do you provide any guaranty for visa?

Ans: No. We do not provide any guaranty for visa. Acceptance or refusal of any visa application will depend on applicant’s profile. However, we will prepare your file in a professional manner so that the embassy can get a clear reflection of your profile.


* Ques: Are Embassy visa fee or service charge refundable?

Ans: No. Both are non- refundable. 

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