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Terms & Conditions We have given a 5% discount on all of our published packages, but no discount will be given to the EMI beneficiaries. All services depend on subject to availability at the time of booking. Any changes can occur without prior notice No refund in case of unused services or lesser duration of stay. Extra luggage other than mentioned on the ticket would be paid for by the pilgrim. The Tour operator is not responsible for the loss of luggage. com only provides consultancy service, doesn’t provide any guarantee for visas. File processing for visas will start only after receiving all necessary documents. Processing time, requirements, and fees are subject to change by the Embassy without any prior notice. The embassy reserves all the rights to ask for any additional document other than the above-mentioned checklist. EMI Terms & Condition For all Money Back transactions, Value Added Tax and SSL Wireless charge at the applicable rate shall be collected from the money-back value. The prevailing rate is 7%. What is a credit card chargeback? What is SSLCOMMERZ's credit card chargeback policy? A refund that is forced by a credit cardholder's credit card company is known as a chargeback. This occurs when a cardholder decides to formally dispute a charge on his/her credit card bill, usually because someone else fraudulently used that card number. Chargebacks are handled within the standard VISA/MC guidelines. However, we will pay the authorized amount to you once the confirmation is received from your site about the product purchase. In cases, when the cardholder requests a chargeback to his or her bank, the bank will not return and will direct the customers to you to gain his or her claimed money. What are SSLCOMMERZ's refund and end customer dispute policies? SSLCOMMERZ maintains a customer-friendly refund policy. This keeps our administrative costs under control in two ways: First, it reduces the amount of time spent researching customer inquiries; and secondly, it reduces the occurrence of charge-back disputes. (A chargeback dispute is a refund that is forced by the customer's credit card company.)