Kenya Visa


Visa Type:

Kenya provides e-Visa (tourism or business) to any citizen of any of the eligible countries with passports that are valid for at least six (6) months from the expected date of entry into Kenya.  Obokash.com provides consultancy & file processing services for tourists & Business visas.



Visa Procedure: 

Any Foreign eligible individual that is planning to visit Kenya is totally able to complete a short and easy online e-Visa application form for visiting Kenya for tourism or business purposes. 



Embassy of Kenya:

Union Center

68/1 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1,

Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

Tel : 88-02-9885771-4

Fax: 88-02-9883072

Email: [email protected]



Other Details: 

Opening hours: from 09.00 till 16.00

Working Days: Sunday – Thursday


 Kenya  e-Visa


Requirements (Tourist & Business):

  •  02 copy Recent Passport Size Photo.
  • Passport Scan Copy.
  • Copies of Visas Within the Last one (1) Year.
  • Invitation Letter from The Host (For Business visa).
  • Applicant Visa Request letter.
  • Copy of the Company Registration Certificate(For Businessperson)
  • Bank Statement and Solvency last 06 months.
  • Income tax.
  • Hotel Booking.
  • Air Ticket Booking.
  • Office ID Card Copy.
  • Family Information Father, mother, spouse - Date of Birth, Address, Contract no.


Visa Fee & Processing Time: 

  • Business USD 101(Stay permit:90 days each entry). Online payment pays by Applicant by Credit card.
  • Tourist USD     51 (Stay permit:30 days each entry). Online payment pays by Applicant by Credit card.
  • Obokash Service charge: BDT 2,000.

        (Visa fee and Service charge Nonrefundable)

  • Processing Time:
    Total Approx. 72 Hours.



  • obokash.com provides only consultancy services, doesn’t provide any guarantee for visas.
  • File processing for visas will start only after receiving all necessary documents.
  • Processing time, requirements, and fees are subject to change by the Embassy without any prior notice.
  • The embassy reserves all the rights to ask for any additional documents with the above-mentioned checklist.
  • All Bangla documents must be translated into English and notarized.




  Call    : +88 01996-319999, +88 01945-111444, +880-9696-111444
  Email : [email protected], [email protected]


Kenya is a country in East Africa with coastline on the Indian Ocean. It encompasses savannah, lakelands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountain highlands. It's also home to wildlife like lions, elephants and rhinos. From Nairobi, the capital, safaris visit the Maasai Mara Reserve, known for its annual wildebeest migrations, and Amboseli National Park, offering views of Tanzania's 5,895m Mt. Kilimanjaro


Continent :  Africa
Capital : Nairobi
Official Language : Swahili, English
Currency : Kenyan shilling
Local Time : GMT+3
Exchange Rate : 0.769BDT
Dialing Code : +254
Weekend Days : Saturday & Sunday
Population : 46.05 million 
Area : 224,445 mi²
Education : 78%
Religion : Christians
Climate : The climate of Kenya varies by location, from mostly cool every day, to always warm/hot. The climate along the coast is tropical. This means rainfall and temperatures are higher throughout the year. At the coastal cities, Mombasa, Lamu and Malindi, the air changes from cool to hot, almost every day.
Prime Minister / President / King : Jomo Kenyatta
Destinations : Maasai Mara, Nairobi, Mombasa,Nakuru,Maasai Mara,Lake Nakuru National Park,Tsavo West National Park
Points of Interest :

Amboseli National Park,Tsavo East National Park,Lake Nakuru,Samburu National Reserve,Lake Victoria,Maasai Mara,Tsavo West National Park,Hell's Gate National Park,Lake Natron



* Ques: How many countries should I visit before applying for this country ?

Ans: Although there is no restrictions regarding country visits but we recommend you to at least visit 2-3 countries before applying.


* Ques: How much balance should I have in my bank account?

Ans: There is no minimum or maximum limit for bank balance. However, there should be a consistency of you transactions. Your bank account must reflect that you have the ability to bear your travel cost and you have enough financial ties to return back to your country.


* Ques: My education qualification is low, can I apply for visa?

Ans: In case of tourist visas, there is not education qualification requirement. Anyone with any educational qualification may apply.


* Ques: My visa application has recently been refused. When will I be able to apply again?

Ans: There is no restriction or time limit on reapplication if anyone’s visa has been refused. However, we would recommend you to apply again at least after a certain period of time.


* Ques: Can you arrange invitation for me? Will it be beneficial for me if I get an invitation?

Ans: Not mandatory and we cannot arrange invitation for you. Invitation is only beneficial for an applicant, if it has been sent from his or her family members or close friend. In any other cases, having a hotel booking is enough to prove your accommodation arrangement during your stay in that respective country.


* Ques: If I apply along with my family, will the chances of my visa acceptance increase?

Ans: Although visa acceptance or refusal totally depends on applicant’s profile, applying with family may increase your chances in certain countries. For example: in case of Schengen or UK visa, applying along with family increases your visa acceptance chances. On the other hand, applying with family for Australia or Canada may decrease your chance of getting the visa.


* Ques: Do you provide any guaranty for visa?

Ans: No. We do not provide any guaranty for visa. Acceptance or refusal of any visa application will depend on applicant’s profile. However, we will prepare your file in a professional manner so that the embassy can get a clear reflection of your profile.



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Bashati Condominium (Floor 10/D), House # 15, Road # 17, Banani, Dhaka - 1213, Bangladesh
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