How to Plan Your Hajj From Bangladesh and Choose the Right Hajj Package for You

How to Plan Your Hajj From Bangladesh and Choose the Right Hajj Package for You

Sharif Bizcope 20 May 2024

Going on the pilgrimage to the sacred Hajj is something all true Muslims desire in Bangladesh and around the world. However, traveling to Mecca for Hajj is not an easy decision. Lots of factors need to be considered and planned before the journey itself. Especially, choosing the right package from Bangladesh, which can be quite difficult to select. 

In this article, we guide you about planning for your Hajj and choosing the right package for travel, so that the process becomes easy for you. Let’s get started and look at factors you need to consider for your planning.

Logistical and Accommodation Support

Going on a pilgrimage to Mecca involves planning for logistics, securing travel permits, ensuring transportation, and getting accommodation when you reach there. 

Usually, Hajj packages from Bangladesh include these elements. This particularly helps individuals who may find the process a bit difficult or challenging due to language barriers and tentativeness with the Saudi Arabian environment.

The Hajj service providers may offer options and different packages based on pricing to help you choose a suitable package for pilgrimage. For instance, Obokash.com offers 10 Hajj packages for different customers to help them select one within their budget.  


Regardless of the service provider and their packages, planning for Hajj is heavily influenced by financial considerations. People opting to go for Jahh usually do a thorough analysis of their budget at hand and how much expenditure they will have to incur. 

If you choose a Hajj package from a Bangladeshi travel agency, you will not only get support in planning the travel but you can avail of the offers more effectively. This is because the packages include expenses like airfare, accommodation, meals, Visa fees, Hajj guidebook, room service, etc.

Depending on the duration of your stay and other materials you take with you, the packages offer some discounts and reduced pricing as well, relaxing your budget constraints. 


Some multiple rituals and formalities happen pre and post-Hajj.  So, travel agencies like Obokash offer packages that vary in number of days and nights, depending on your budget and needs.  The packages are designed to make the best use of your time, ensuring you can focus on your journey without facing any difficulties. 

The pricing of the packages primarily depends on the duration or number of days, besides other factors like accommodation type, intracity transport, Qurbani facilities, etc. 

Community Participation 

Hajj emphasizes unity among the Muslim brothers and sisters and is a communal act of worshipping Allah (SWT). 

Hajj packages are based on group travel, allowing individuals from Bangladesh to join other fellow pilgrims from their country. This creates a sense of community and shared experience. 

And when they arrive at their destination, Muslims from all over the world foster a sense of global, religious community. This communal aspect comforts the first-time Hajj pilgrims through support in the company of like-minded Muslims.

Safe Travels

The safety of the Hajj travelers is paramount. From airport to hotel to other places in the, all these should be safely covered by the travel agency that is providing the package. 

Agencies like Obokash ensure you can opt for a Hajj package with organized security measures put in place. This measure is extremely crucial in the crowded and challenging areas of Mecca during the pilgrimage season. This provides peace of mind and a feeling of safety for both the pilgrims and their families back in Bangladesh.

Other Items to Take on Pilgrimage

You should carry your regular medication to the Pilgrimage so that you don’t face difficulties. The difficulties could be that the prescribed medicines may not be available there. You may also feel ill by the time you can purchase the medicine. 

In addition, you can carry a first aid kit that includes antiseptic cream, bandages, cotton, and sanitizers. This is important as these give you instant relief against sudden, minor injuries and protect you from unwanted germs or contamination.

You can also carry sun protection creams or face washes to protect yourself from the heat of the intended destination.

And of course, you should have the appropriate clothing and footwear for your travel from Bangladesh and the sacred visit to the Kaaba Sharif. 

Remember, these are not provided by your travel agents, so you might need them during your travel or pilgrimage. 

Components of Hajj Packages

The cost you bear for Hajj includes various factors like:


There is a roundtrip ticket price that travel or tourism agencies charge to ensure you leave and arrive in Bangladesh, safely and timely. Travel agencies offer tickets from popular and affordable air flights like Biman Bangladesh. 

Number of Travelers:

Whether you are traveling with one, two, or more family members influences the cost of your Hajj package. There is also the factor of taking an infant or child with you, which has separate costs. 

Duration of Stay:

As mentioned above, how many days you stay affects your package pricing significantly. For example, Obokash has multiple packages that range between 40 days maximum to 10 days minimum with shifting and non-shifting packages. 


Another important component of your stay at Madinah or Mecca is the hotel being booked for you. There are standard, premium, economy, and other types of hotel booking options that determine your cost. Also, note that comfort and proximity impact lodging costs.

Visa Fees: 

Hajj tourism companies make sure you are getting your visa smoothly and on time. They take the risk of taking care of the formalities of your Visa and charge a fee for it, included in your package. 

Health Insurance:

A major component of Hajj packages is health insurance. This is an important factor as it helps travelers remain safe and their families remain calm. 

Saudi Government fees

The Saudi government charges a fee that is mandatory for the travelers to pay. This is a cost that the tourism agency includes in your travel expenses. 

Other Components:

Other factors that are part of the package are meals, AC bus, D tent, Hajj Guidebook, Room services, etc. 

These above components will help you choose the right Hajj package. 

Choose from the Most Popular Hajj Packages in BD

Tourism experts like Obokash and others offer various packages that you can choose from to begin and plan your pilgrimage. 

For example, Obokash has 10 Hajj packages from which you can choose as per your needs and preferences. The packages are listed in brief below:

Package No. 

Package Duration


Package Cost (est.)


40 Days 


Starts from BDT. 635,000.00 /per person


40 Days 


Starts from BDT. 700,000.00 /per person


35 Days 


Starts from BDT. 670,000.00 /per person


28 Days 


Starts from BDT. 920,000.00 /per person


27 Days 


Starts from BDT. 890,000.00 /per person


27 Days 


Starts from BDT. 900,000.00 /per person


22 Days


Starts from BDT. 870,000.00 /per person


17 Days 


Starts from BDT. 870,000.00 /per person


14 Days 


Starts from BDT. 1,250,000.00 /per person


10 Days


Starts from BDT. 580,000.00 /per person

You can explore these hajj packages in detail on their website. 

To Sum Up

Traveling to Mecca and Madina is part of the Holy Hajj which Muslims from all over the world want to do at least once in their lives. However, knowing how to prepare for the beautiful and sacred journey and knowing the right package to invest in is also equally important. 
We hope this Eid-ul-Adha 2024, you are able to fulfill your wish of going to Hajj. For details and suggestions, you can contact Obokash.com to be your guide and tourism agent.

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