How to Plan Your First Trip to Thailand from Bangladesh for a relaxing break

How to Plan Your First Trip to Thailand from Bangladesh for a relaxing break

Sharif Bizcope 30 Jun 2024



Thailand is one of the most coveted tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Its mesmerizing islands, paradise white-sand beaches, and one of the most vibrant capital cities in the world make it a hot tourist spot for Bangladeshis. The people, weather, and food add to the magic of Thailand. In addition, traveling from Bangladesh to Thailand is a piece of cake. 


If you are planning a trip to Thailand to make your vacation memorable, you’ve come to the right place. We will take you on a ride on how to plan your first trip to Thailand. So let’s get started. 

Why Choose Thailand for Your First International Trip?

There are many reasons for you to choose Thailand as your first international trip for vacation. But the most apparent reason is the proximity of Thailand to Bangladesh. As it's a neighboring country, going there is quite easy and affordable. 


In addition, Bangladeshis enjoy a visa-on-arrival policy in Thailand, which makes the formalities easier and smoother and the travel time quicker. 


Also, Thailand is well-known for its hospitality and safety. You can stay at affordable hotels in Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, or Chang Mei, safely and affordably. The pricing of accommodation is quite reasonable and makes life easy for new tourists. 

Best Time to Visit Thailand

Now you might wonder when would be a good time to visit Thailand. That would be in the winter season, sometime around November to February. This is because, during this time, the weather is cool to warm, with not too much scorching heat or rain. As March and April are near, the weather heats up, followed by the rains of June and July. 


You can expect less humid air and cool breezes in the evenings at this time. And, as the year draws to a close, festivals happen. The biggest of them being their king’s birthday on 05 December. 


You can surf the beaches at that time, so get your packs ready accordingly. You can get sunscreen, some loose clothing, and beachwear, if you may. Also, with the help of your tour guide, get a map of the places you want to visit in Thailand. You can also bring along a camera to take snaps of the beautiful landscapes and surroundings in Thailand. In addition, learn some Thai language to communicate better with the locals or read local writings on boards and places. 


Top Relaxing Destinations in Thailand

Here are four top places to visit when in Thailand. 



Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, presents a vibrant blend of traditional and modern attractions. The city is famous for cultural landmarks, like the iconic Wat Arun, with its stunning riverside location and intricate spires, and the Grand Palace, a historic complex that hosts the revered Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha). 



People who love to shop can indulge in a variety of experiences, too. From exploring the upscale boutiques of Siam Paragon and CentralWorld to haggling for unique treasures at the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market, you can enjoy them all. If you are looking to relax, you can enjoy lots of luxury spas that provide world-class treatments, blending Thai traditions with modern wellness practices, ensuring a rejuvenating experience amidst the city's energetic pace.



Phuket, Thailand's largest island, is renowned for stunning beach resorts, wellness retreats, and exhilarating water activities. The island's pristine beaches, like Patong, Kata, and Surin, are home to luxurious resorts that offer amazing ocean views, fine dining, and unparalleled hospitality. 


For those seeking respite and rejuvenation, Phuket's wellness retreats provide holistic therapies, yoga sessions, and traditional Thai massages in serene settings, often in lush tropical landscapes or overlooking tranquil waters. Swimmers and divers can enjoy a plethora of activities, including snorkeling in the vibrant coral reefs of the Phi Phi Islands, diving in the crystal-clear waters of the Similan Islands, and trying thrilling sports like parasailing and jet skiing along the island’s coastline.

Chiang Mai:


Chiang Mai is coveted for its serene natural beauty, peaceful retreats, and the art of traditional Thai massage. Lush forests and majestic mountains surround the city. Nature enthusiasts have opportunities to explore vibrant national parks, such as Doi Inthanon, which has Thailand's highest peak, and the Mae Sa Valley, known for its scenic waterfalls and botanical gardens. 


The city's rich heritage in traditional Thai massage is renowned, with many establishments providing authentic treatments that combine ancient techniques with holistic healing, ensuring a revitalizing experience amid the region's calm and serene ambiance.

Koh Samui:


Koh Samui, located in the Gulf of Thailand, is an island known for its pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and countless luxurious villas and wellness centers. The island has opulent private villas that offer stunning views of the waters. These provide a perfect blend of comfort, privacy, and world-class amenities, making it a top choice for discerning travelers seeking an exclusive retreat. 


Koh Samui's wellness centers are wonderful, too. They offer comprehensive programs that include yoga, detox, and traditional Thai therapies, often set against the backdrop of tranquil beaches or nestled within lush tropical gardens. Visitors can indulge in holistic treatments and wellness practices for their body and mind, augmenting Koh Samui’s natural beauty in a tropical setting.

Recommended Tour Packages from Obokash

Obokash, a tourism and travel specialist, offers multiple packages for those wanting to try out Thailand as their first vacation destination. 

The packages included are: 

  • 3 Days 2 Nights @ Bangkok, Valid Till 30th July 2024
  • Phuket & Krabi in 5 Night 6 Days (3 Nights Phuket + 2 Nights Krabi)
  • Bangkok & Pattaya in 05 Days (2 Nights Pattaya + 2 Nights Bangkok), Valid Till 30th November 2024
  • Bangkok & Phuket in 5 Days (2 Nights Phuket + 2 Nights Bangkok), Valid Till 30th November 2024

The packages offer:

  • Meet and Greet at the Airport.
  • Visa Assistance.
  • Daily Breakfast at hotels 

These packages include various shopping and leisure experiences that you can check out in the package web pages. 

Travel Tips for First-Time Visitors

Here are some tips to help you make your first trip abroad smooth and memorable:

Visa and Documentation: 

For a visa, necessary documents, and travel insurance, you can reach out to tourism agents like Obokash to help you with the process and formalities. They will make the work much easier and coherent, ensuring you enjoy a hassle-free journey.


Please note that Visa Processing time, requirements, and fees are subject to change by the Embassy without any prior notice. Visit Obokash’s Thailand Visa page to learn more about the process and details of a tourist visa. 


Currency and Budgeting: 

To convert Bangladeshi taka to Thai Baht or Dollars, you can go to Currency Exchange agents. You can also endorse a passport for dollars in your debit or credit card via banks to avail foreign money in your tour.  

However, you should set an average daily budget to control your costs of the trip. Guides like Obokash can help you with your budgeting tips on food, accommodation, and transport for your first-time travel with expert tips. 


Health and Safety: 

As you are traveling abroad, you should also make sure to get the necessary vaccinations, like Covid-19 vaccinations. You should also get travel insurance for your first-ever trip abroad. For details of safety precautions, contact Obokash who can help you with what needs to be done and what’s not. 


Language and Communication: 

As you visit Thailand, you should know some basic Thai phrases and tips for communicating with locals so that you do not get tangled up in finding directions or shopping. Learning some basic Thai language will help you enjoy the various tourist spots and leisure services better, creating a cultural blend and trust with the locals. 


Creating Your Perfect Itinerary

If you are traveling via the packages of Obokash, you will get lots of opportunities to set your daily trip plans for each of the packages. 


For instance, if you are set to enjoy the packages of Bangkok & Pattaya in 05 Days, then, on the first day, you will arrive at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, go to Pattaya Hotel, and rest of the day free at your own leisure, and stay overnight at the hotel. 


Then, on day 2, after having breakfast at the  Hotel, you will meet your guide and hop aboard to experience bliss at Thailand's Coral Island with crystal clear water and stretches of white sand. You will also experience Pattaya Beach's South Pier and then via speedboat ride, you will explore  Coral Island also known as Koh Larn. Day 3 will be your walking and shopping day at Pattaya. 


On the fourth day, you will start your day trip to see Bangkok’s Buddhist temples and the Grand Palace on a 3.5-hour tour of the city’s historic highlights. And finally, on day 5, after breakfast, you will be taken to the airport for departure.


Packing Essentials

So finally, what are the things you need to pack to Bangkok? 


You need the right clothing for the weather and cultural norms. As mentioned already, a preferred time would be during the cool of winter so wear and take clothes accordingly. 


Besides that, you should take travel essentials like toiletries, medications, and travel gadgets. Do not forget a good high-resolution camera to take snaps and make the trip memorable forever. 


In addition to all these, do not forget the Important documents like passport, visa, travel insurance, and emergency contacts.


To Sum Up

Traveling abroad for the first time is a special feeling for anyone. Making it memorable by availing the services of the right travel guide like Obokash and ensuring all formalities are in check is even more important. Plus, there is the matter of affordability, which Obokash provides you well with its packages. 


So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pack and fly to Thailand with the assistance of Obokash

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