Explore the Great Wall of China

Explore the Great Wall of China

Explore the Great Wall of China

17 May 2023

Explore the Great Wall of China without the crowds: Best ways to do it

Enhance your trip to Beijing by following our expert recommendations to make your visit to the Great Wall of China more enjoyable. The Great Wall of China is an iconic symbol of the Celestial Empire and a must-see attraction when visiting China. However, many travelers struggle with deciding which section of the Great Wall to visit and how to avoid crowds. In this article, we provide all the information you need to know before visiting Beijing.

To make the most out of your Great Wall tour, we recommend considering the following three points:

Carefully select a section of the Great Wall based on your physical fitness level and interests.

Plan your visit during the spring or autumn season to avoid crowds and enjoy the best weather and picturesque landscapes.

Consider hiring a professional guide to enhance your experience and gain more insights about the Great Wall's history.

The best time to visit the Great Wall of China in Beijing is during spring or autumn. During these seasons, you can avoid the scorching summer heat and the peak tourist season, which is crowded with visitors. In the spring (April to May), the mountainous terrain near Beijing is green, with blooming flowers, providing a stunning backdrop to your Great Wall tour. In the autumn (September to November), the weather is clear and offers panoramic views of the Great Wall meandering into the distance, surrounded by vibrant red, gold, yellow, and brown-colored mountains.


If your travel plans require you to visit the Great Wall during summer or winter, prepare for more visitors and extreme weather conditions. The summer season is the peak tourist season, and the popular sections of the wall can get crowded with visitors. Conversely, the winter season can be frosty but not as crowded as during the peak tourist season.


Additionally, you can consider visiting Mutianyu instead of Badaling, the most popular section of the Great Wall. Mutianyu is slightly farther from Beijing than Badaling, resulting in fewer visitors, which makes for a more relaxed and pleasant experience. By visiting Mutianyu, you can see the same Ming-era watchtowers and rolling hills as Badaling, but with much lower crowds.


In conclusion, planning your visit to the Great Wall of China requires careful consideration of the season, section of the wall, and hiring a professional guide. By following our recommendations, you can make your Great Wall tour an unforgettable experience while avoiding the crowds and enjoying picturesque landscapes. To know about our attractive tour packages to China please visit -https://www.obokash.com/china-tour-packages 

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