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Sports Packages from Bangladesh


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Sports packages from Bangladesh is now available in Obokash Travels. This is a unique idea that is only introduced by us in Bangladesh. We are the first tour operating service provider in Bangladesh who provides international sports packages from Bangladesh. As you all know that the ICC cricket world cup 2019 is knocking at the door. Thus, we have planned to launch our new ICC world cup 2019 package from Bangladesh that will excite all the sports and cricket lovers of Bangladesh. If you think that along with sports you want a tour as well in that country then you can try our ICC cricket world cup tour package.  In this ICC cricket world cup tour package from Bangladesh you will get the opportunity to take a tour before or after the matches begin and end respectively. This would a suitable package for everyone who wants to take a tour as well as enjoy some live and exciting matches. We have combined our sports packages from Bangladesh and ICC world cup 2019 packages from Bangladesh to create our ICC Cricket world cup tour package.

We have other sports packages from Bangladesh as well. If your beloved national team is playing against any other team in the foreign team’s home ground, you can go and visit that country and enjoy the match along with that country’s nature and famous tour places. Cricket isn’t the only sports we focus in. football is the most loving sport by the most of population. When it comes to the FIFA World cup you can travel to the host country and enjoy the matches with our football sports package from Bangladesh. Apart from the FIFA world cup, there are many more exciting football matches that keeps on happening throughout the year. There are many international leagues where your favourite club participates. For example there is English premier league happening the United Kingdom, La Liga being played at Spain and many more. The most favourite football players across the nations are Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr and few more. Catch their games live from our football sports packages from Bangladesh. Matches like Real Madrid vs Barcelona, Manchester Derby, UEFA Champions league finals always have nail biting finish. Watch these matches in real life and add another unforgettable memory to your collection.

During the Olympics, we have the facility of the sports package from Bangladesh through which people can travel and see the games and support their nation. As Olympics is one of the biggest games in the world, the audience for this tournament is also very huge. Olympics happens after every 4 years. That is why most people travel during the games to see it for themselves as they don’t want to wait for another 4 years.

As the ICC world cup 2019 is very near, book your package today from Obokash Travels and support your nation in the battle of glory and also get the chance to spend some quality time with your loved ones by having a tour on that country. Call us today and book your sports package from Bangladesh and enjoy the ICC Cricket World Cup tour package.