Tour Packages in Egypt from Bangladesh

Explore Egypt in 4 Days

Starts from BDT. 45500

Explore Egypt in 5 Days

Starts from BDT. 49000

Visit Turkey & Egypt in 10 Days

Starts from BDT. 155000 Per Person

Egypt Turkey
Explore Cairo in 4 Days

Starts from BDT. 35000 per person

Explore Cairo in 5 Days

Starts from BDT. 45000 per person

Best of Egypt in 7 Days

Starts from BDT. 67000 per person

Explore Nile Egypt in 10 Days

Starts from BDT. 82000 per person

Tour Packages in Egypt from Bangladesh

Egypt tour package from Dhaka

Looking for an exciting and affordable Egypt tour package from Dhaka? Look no further than our selection of options! With various departures and itineraries to choose from, we can help you find the perfect trip for your needs. So whether you're looking to explore Cairo's mosques and tombs or take in some stunning ancient ruins, our Egypt tour package will have something for you. Trust us; this is one trip you won't want to miss!

Best Egypt tour packages

Best Egypt Tour Packages - The best and most affordable options for travelling to this ancient country are available with us. With the option of different tour packages to choose from, finding the perfect one for your needs is essential if you want to see all of the amazing sites and attractions that Egypt has to offer. Whether you're looking for a cramped bus ride across the Nile or an entire day out in one of the Many famous towns like Cairo, there's a package out there that will suit everyone's needs. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today and find the perfect package for you!

Overview of the Egypt tour package

The Egypt tour package is a great deal that will let you see some of the most impressive sites in the country. Overview of the Egypt tour package: 

- The Egypt tour package offers various attractions to explore, making it the perfect option for any traveller. 

- The package includes guide services and transportation, making it easy to get around town. 

- The package also includes items like 3-start to 5-star hotels as you prefer, and more.

Egypt tour package from Bangladesh

If you're craving a unique and exciting travel experience, then a trip to Egypt is the perfect option. This ancient country is known for its impressive ruins and beautiful scenery. 

Aside from the stunning ruins and gorgeous scenery, there are plenty of things to do in Cairo if you're interested in exploring this fascinating place. If you're searching for a unique way to spend your time in Cairo, consider taking a tour of one of the city's universities. These institutions offer interesting learning opportunities and will give you a different perspective on life in Cairo than what you would receive from just reading about it. For this awesome tour, Obokash.com is offering Egypt Tour Package from Bangladesh.

Egypt tour packages

Egypt is an amazing country to visit, and there are a variety of tour packages that can be booked. We offer different Egypt tour packages like- 4 days to 10 days packages, Cairo packages, and Nile special packages; not only that but also we offer a combo Egypt tour package with the scope of performing Umrah. 

Accommodations and food

With our Egypt tour packages we offer travellers a variety of accommodations and food options. Whether you're looking for a comfortable and affordable getaway, or something more luxurious, there's definitely a package that'll fit your needs. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your Egypt trip today!

How much does it cost to visit Egypt?

Egypt is a popular tourist destination in the Middle East and is known for its ancient ruins, pyramids, and mosques. It can be costlier to visit than other destinations in this region, but it's still an interesting place to visit. 

Our  Egypt tour packages from Bangladesh is a great way to see all of these places at an affordable cost. It includes accommodation, travel, and tickets to various attractions. The trip is also perfect for those who want to learn more about Egyptian culture and history. On average, the cost of an Egypt tour package starts from BDT. 35,000/=

What are some great reasons to visit Egypt?

Egypt is a beautiful country with amazing history and culture. Here are five great reasons: 

1) Egyptian mosques are very famous in the world.

2) Egyptian tombs & Pyramids are the most impressive in the world.

3) Ancient ruins cover the country's landscape, making it a must-see for any tourist looking for an interesting stop on their travels. 

4) The Nile delta is a must-see for anyone interested in ancient Nile flooding events.

Which Egypt tour package is suitable?

Please check our available Egypt packages from Dhaka in the above and talk to our tour consultants to find the best suitable package for you